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With the Market Rebound, Should You Sell?

Many major U.S. stock market indices have enjoyed strong rebounds from their mid-March lows and are now closing in on their all-time highs. This includes the S&P 500 (ticker: SPY), which rose by more than 5% in July and is approaching its all-time high of 3,393, which occurred on Feb. 19 of this year. Outside of this past April, when it rose by about 18%, that is the best monthly performance for the index year to date.

This rebound has some investors asking if the stock market is now considered richly priced and whether it is time to decrease their portfolio exposure to stocks. If you sell some of your investments, what is your motivation? Where are you going to put the money? Do you have a strategy in place, or have you read a few headlines that have made you worry? If the latter is the case, did you also sell a portion of your portfolio in March when the markets were in a tailspin, only to enter the market again this summer?

Sarah Goldberg
Sarah Goldberg

Sarah is a seasoned financial market expert with a decade of experience. She's known for her analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate complex financial concepts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance, is a licensed financial advisor, and enjoys reading and traveling in her free time.

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