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Why You Should Be Retuning Your Stock Portfolio

In the middle of March, when market volatility was peaking, you may have promised that when the markets recovered, you were going to make a change. Well, many markets have recovered from their March lows, so now what do you do?

In case you needed a reminder, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, known for its blue-chip companies, fell 1,861.82 points last Thursday, June 11. This marks the fourth-largest point loss in the history of the index.

General discussions about the stock market often mention historically bad events such as Black Monday and the Great Recession. Often, it is the pace of the losses that leaves a lasting impression, but this fails to tell the whole story.

Sarah Goldberg
Sarah Goldberg

Sarah is a seasoned financial market expert with a decade of experience. She's known for her analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate complex financial concepts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance, is a licensed financial advisor, and enjoys reading and traveling in her free time.

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