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Why Investors Should Look Beyond the IPO Hype

What investor doesn’t dream of getting in early on a stock that’s clearly destined for greatness?

Plenty of people are wistful about missing Apple’s (AAPL) initial public offering back in 1984 or Facebook (FB) in 2012.

Those are obvious big names. But what about Karuna Therapeutics (KRTX), a small-cap biotech that went public in June 2019, priced at $16 per share? It’s now trading around $100, a gain of about 525%. A stock like that is little known and didn’t go public with all the attendant hoopla of a big tech company.

Sarah Goldberg
Sarah Goldberg

Sarah is a seasoned financial market expert with a decade of experience. She's known for her analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to communicate complex financial concepts. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance, is a licensed financial advisor, and enjoys reading and traveling in her free time.

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