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Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors | Retirement

Volunteering in retirement allows you to give back, socialize and stay active without spending much money. You may also learn new skills and build friendships while you help organizations in your community.

There are many ways to volunteer in retirement, and the level of commitment can range from a few hours or days each week to longer. Some organizations may provide a stipend to help cover expenses like traveling to and from the place you’re volunteering. While it can be a great use of your time, you’ll want to make sure you have balance in your life so you don’t get burned out.

If you’re thinking about volunteering during retirement, consider the following:

  • Types of volunteer opportunities for seniors.
  • How to find the right volunteer opportunity.
  • Preparing to volunteer: What seniors need to know.
  • Getting involved with senior volunteer programs.
  • Making the most of your volunteer experience.

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Sarah Goldberg

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