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UEFA Euro 2024: Full Schedule, Groups, Dates, Times And Venues

UEFA Euro 2024, Groups, Format, Venues and Schedule: UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off in India in the early hours of June 15, as hosts Germany take on Scotland in the opening encounter. Germany is hosting a major international tournament for the first time since the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Defending champions Italy – who are drawn in what many have claimed is the ‘Group of Death’ with Spain and Croatia – start their campaign against minnows Albania on June 16. Kylian Mbappe’s France are hot favourites, and begin their tournament on Austria on June 18, while his soon-to-be Real Madrid teammate Jude Bellingham begins his campaign with England a day earlier, against Serbia. And can Cristiano Ronaldo get his hands on a second European Championship? Portugal kick off against Czech Republic on June 19.

The knockout stage begins on June 29, with the Final to be held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin on July 15.

Here are the UEFA Euro 2024 Fixtures in full:

Group A Fixtures

June 15, 2024: Germany vs Scotland, Munich [12:30 AM]

June 15, 2024: Hungary vs Switzerland, Cologne [6:30 PM IST]

June 19, 2024: Germany vs Hungary, Stuttgart [9:30 PM IST]

June 20, 2024: Scotland vs Switzerland, Cologne [12:30 AM IST]

June 24, 2024: Switzerland vs Germany, Frankfurt [12:30 AM IST]

June 24, 2024: Scotland vs Hungary, Stuttgart [12:30 AM IST]

Group B Fixtures

June 15, 2024: Spain vs Croatia, Berlin [9:30 PM IST]

June 16, 2024: Italy vs Albania, Dortmund [12:30 AM IST]

June 19, 2024: Croatia vs Albania, Hamburg [6:30 PM IST]

June 21, 2024: Spain vs Italy, Gelsenkirchen [12:30 AM IST]

June 25, 2024: Albania vs Spain, Dusseldorf [12:30 AM IST]

June 25, 2024: Croatia vs Italy, Leipzig [12:30 AM IST]

Group C Fixtures

June 16, 2024: Slovenia vs Denmark, Stuttgart [9:30 PM IST]

June 17, 2024: Serbia vs England, Gelsenkirchen [12:30 AM IST]

June 20, 2024: Slovenia vs Serbia, Munich [6:30 PM IST]

June 20, 2024: Denmark vs England, Frankfurt [9:30 PM IST]

June 26, 2024: Denmark vs Serbia, Munich [12:30 AM IST]

June 26, 2024: England vs Slovenia, Cologne [12:30 AM IST]

Group D Fixtures

June 16, 2024: Poland vs Netherlands, Hamburg [6:30 PM IST]

June 18, 2024: Austria vs France, Dusseldorf [12:30 AM IST]

June 21, 2024: Poland vs Austria, Berlin [9:30 PM IST]

June 22, 2024: Netherlands vs France, Leipzig [12:30 AM IST]

June 25, 2024: France vs Poland, Dortmund [9:30 PM IST]

June 25, 2024: Netherlands vs Austria, Berlin [9:30 PM IST]

Group E Fixtures

June 17, 2024: Romania vs Ukraine, Munich [6:30 PM IST]

June 17, 2024: Belgium vs Slovakia, Frankfurt [9:30 PM IST]

June 21, 2024: Slovakia vs Ukraine, Dusseldorf [6:30 PM IST]

June 23, 2024: Belgium vs Romania, Cologne [12:30 AM IST]

June 26, 2024: Slovakia vs Romania, Frankfurt [9:30 PM IST]

June 26, 2024: Ukraine vs Belgium , Stuttgart [9:30 PM IST]

Group F Fixture

June 18, 2024: Turkey vs Georgia, Dortmund [9:30 PM IST]

June 19, 2024: Portugal vs Czech Republic, Leipzig [12:30 AM IST]

June 22, 2024: Georgia vs Czech Republic, Hamburg [6:30 PM IST]

June 22, 2024: Turkey vs Portugal, Dortmund [9:30 PM IST]

June 27, 2024: Georgia vs Portugal, Gelsenkirchen [12:30 AM IST]

June 27, 2024: Czech Republic vs Turkey, Hamburg [12:30 AM IST]

Knockout Stage

June 29-July 3: Round of 16

June 5-July 7: Quarter-finals

July 10-July 11: Semi-finals

July 15: Final

(All the matches will be telecasted on the Sony Sports Network and streamed live on SonyLiv)

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