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The Countries Pausing Funding to UNWRA: Full List

Austria became the latest country to say that it would suspend funding for the United Nations agency that provides food, water and other essential services for Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The announcement on Monday, which followed others over the weekend, came after Israel accused a dozen employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, of participating in the Oct. 7 attacks led by Hamas. The United Nations said on Friday that it had fired the accused workers and was investigating.

Here are the countries that have said their funding of the agency would be affected in some way, ranked according to the amount they have pledged.

  • The United States, UNRWA’s largest donor, said on Friday that it would suspend funding.

  • Germany announced on Saturday night that it too would temporarily suspend all new funding to the agency pending the outcome of an investigation into the allegations.

  • Japan said on Sunday that it was suspending aid “for the time being.”

  • Canada welcomed the news that UNRWA would investigate and said on Friday that it had temporarily paused any additional funding to the agency in the meantime.

  • The Netherlands on Sunday said “UNRWA will receive no Dutch funding until the investigation is concluded, not even in response to new requests.”

  • Britain said Saturday that it was “appalled” by the allegations, in a statement announcing its decision to pause future funding.

  • Australia responded to the allegations by saying it would “temporarily pause disbursement of recently announced funding.”

  • Austria said it would temporarily suspend “all further payments” to UNRWA until the accusations are clarified.

  • Finland announced its decision on Saturday.

The United States and Germany are by far the largest donors to UNRWA. The United States pledged $344 million in 2022 and Germany pledged $202 million, according to UNRWA figures. Each of the other nations listed has pledged $30 million or less.

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