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The 5 Best Maui Helicopter Tours


Maui’s lush green rainforests, colorful beaches and impressive Haleakala Crater are breathtaking from land, but just imagine how awe-inspiring the views are from the air. Relying on expert opinion and traveler input, U.S. News selected some of Maui’s best helicopter tours. Admire dramatic and panoramic scenery as you enjoy the thrill of a lifetime.

Air Maui Helicopter Tours – Hana & Haleakala

Price: From $330
Duration: 45 minutes

The 5 Best Maui Helicopter Tours

Soar high above the most notable landmarks in Maui with Air Maui’s Hana & Haleakala tour. This 45-minute flight features panoramic views of one of the world’s largest dormant volcanoes, Haleakala Crater. Flying over the lush Hana rainforest, with its wide and spectacular waterfalls that flow into the sea, is another highlight. Along the way, your pilot provides narration of the sights. Reviewers say this trip is one of the best ways to see the stunning landscape of Maui and describe it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Tours depart daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tickets start at about $330 per person. A version of this tour that includes a cliffside landing is also available, as are doors-off flights to West Maui and Molokai.


Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours – Waterfalls of West Maui & Molokai

Price: From $369
Duration: 50 minutes

On this roughly 50-minute tour, you’ll fly over the world’s tallest sea cliffs along 88 miles of pristine coastline and waterfalls on Molokai’s north shore. Listen to the pilots describe Maui’s rich culture as you soar above rainforests and valleys and the dramatic peaks of the cloud-shrouded West Maui Mountains. Reviewers say this an experience not-to-be-missed while in Maui. They also praise the pilot’s professionalism and attention to safety.

Tours are offered several times a day starting at 8:10 a.m. Tickets start at $369 per person. Blue Hawaiian also offers helicopter tours of Hana and Haleakala, as well as a 90-minute tour of the island.

Maverick Helicopters – Molokai Voyage

Price: From $369
Duration: 55 minutes

Soar high above stellar scenery on this on this 55-minute multi-island flight. As you fly over West Maui, you’ll enjoy an eyeful of the West Maui Mountains and the Kapalua, Lahaina and Kaanapali resort developments. Molokai offers even more incomparable sights, including the Halawa Valley and Kahiwa Falls. Reviewers say this is an incredible experience, even the highlight of their trip, and that the pilots are very knowledgeable about the history and terrain of Hawaii.

Tours, which start at $369 per person, are offered multiple times daily starting at 7:30 a.m. from the Kahului Heliport. Flights over the Hana rainforest are also available.

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Sunshine Helicopters – Molokai Deluxe Tour

Price: From $360
Duration: 55 minutes

This Molokai helicopter tour is a 55- to 65-minute flight that heads out over west Maui before crossing the Pailolo Channel en route to Molokai’s remote north shore, which is home to some of Hawaii’s tallest waterfalls and Kalaupapa National Historical Park. During the return journey, the helicopter flies over Maui’s ancient Hawaiian fishponds as well as coral reefs. Travelers offer praise for the smooth flight and beautiful views.

Tours are offered three times each day from Monday to Saturday beginning at 7:30 a.m. Tickets start at about $360 per person in an FX Star helicopter or around $425 per person in a Whisper STAR craft. Tours that fly over the Haleakala Crater are also available, among other options.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – Complete Island Maui

Price: From $449
Duration: 65 minutes

In 65 minutes, you’ll view everything from Oheo Gulch to Hana Town to Maui’s mountains on this tour of the whole island. During your flight, guides certified by the state of Hawaii will tell you all about the state, its nature and its history. Reviewers say the tour is spectacular; a few were repeat customers.

Fees start at $449 per person. Tours are available sporadically, so you may want to contact the company for up-to-date availability. For an extra $100, you can guarantee yourself a front seat.

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