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Designed for frequent Target shoppers, the Target REDcard™ charges a $0 annual fee and offers cardholders a 5% discount on select purchases at Target stores and on Cardholders receive free two-day shipping on eligible items from and 30 extra days to return or exchange purchases.

Card benefits are identity theft protection and airport concierge service as well as emergency cash advances.

  • Issuer NameTD Bank
  • Annual Fee$0
  • APR27.40% Variable

  • Are a frequent Target shopper.
  • Like to order from and get free shipping.
  • Can pay your balance in full each month to avoid paying the high interest rate.

Use the Target REDcard™ for all of your Target and purchases to get the most back from this card. You’ll get an automatic 5% off every purchase. If you do a lot of shopping there, you might also want to take advantage of the card’s 2% cash back rate on dining and gas to put toward Target gift cards. However, you may earn a higher rewards rate with another rewards card in your wallet.

Editor’s Take

If you spend a lot of time and money at Target, then the card is a no-brainer for you because of its steep discount, free shipping and more generous return policy. Just be sure you pay those balances off in full, otherwise the hefty APR will cost you more than the discount you’re getting for using the card.

Dawn PapandreaContributor

The Target REDcard™ offers a $50 credit on a future qualifying purchase over $50 when you’re approved for the card.

In addition to the discounts on Target purchases, you can earn rewards that can be put toward Target gift cards. You’ll get 2% back toward a Target gift card when you use the Target REDcard™ for gas and dining purchases and 1% back on other types of purchases.

Earning cash back can help offset the cost of your Target shopping even more than the 5% you’re already getting. However, if you have other credit cards with higher earnings rates in various categories or with a base rate above 1% on all purchases, then you can use your Target REDcard™ exclusively for Target runs.

Once you accumulate at least $10 in rewards, you can redeem rewards as either a physical Target gifts card or a Target online gift card.

Be sure to also take advantage of the other card benefits, including free two-day shipping on eligible items from, and 30 extra days to return or exchange purchases.

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