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Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free in 2019


Whether you want a family night out or just don’t want to cook and clean up the kitchen, dining out can save time and protect your sanity. If budget is a concern, free kids meals can make your family’s restaurant bill a bit more manageable.

Free meals for kids are a common marketing tactic for family-dining establishments – throw in some chicken nuggets and fries for the kids, and convince the parents to splurge on their entrees and order an extra glass of beer and wine.

Free kids meals do have some restrictions, however. Some restaurants have age limits, or require you to buy a certain number of adult entrees to get a free meal for your kid. In many cases, if you get a free kids meal, you can’t use any other offers or coupons. Plus, most restaurants offering free kids meals provide them only on certain days.

Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free in 2019

Here are some of the restaurants offering free kids meals:

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