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Photos: The Loutrel in Charleston


The Loutrel welcomes travelers to the heart of historic Charleston. The hotel is centrally located on State Street, not far from Rainbow Row, so we found it easy to get a feel for the charm of downtown Charleston upon arrival.


The Loutrel’s double-height lobby and bar were inspired by Charleston’s famous gardens. The design extends to a covered porch replete with comfortable seating and a rope swing seat.


A striking six-panel oil painting by artist Linda Fantuzzo greeted us upon arrival. Reception offers travelers a welcome drink from the silver bar cart while checking in. The Loutrel’s signature cocktail draws inspiration from Southern botanicals.


The Veranda Lounge brings the traditional Charleston front porch experience into the hotel’s common areas. Come dusk, guests gather around the expansive bronze- and wood-accented bar, trading stories and tips from their outings over craft cocktails.


On the hotel’s mezzanine level, guests have access to a private clubroom stocked with a collection of Charleston-themed books curated by local retailer Buxton Books.


The Loutrel’s petite king rooms boast banquette seating, and pin-tucked headboards, chandeliers and wall molding create an elegant aesthetic. Most of the property’s rooms feature generous California king beds, including those in the petite category, which is The Loutrel’s smallest room option.


Creating cohesive style was top of mind when the Michael Graves Architecture and Design team mapped out The Loutrel’s aesthetic. For example, rather than be relegated to an afterthought, hallway furniture, such as the leather ottomans and metal-wrapped mirrors, comes from local showrooms.


With enviable views of Market Street and the colorful French Quarter, The Loutrel’s expansive rooftop terrace attracts patrons and guests for daily sunset drinks. Spritzes, beer and wine are available, and with plenty of seating, we found it easy to grab a spot. The rooftop terrace is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, though bar service begins at 4:30 p.m.


Though king rooms geared towards couples comprise a large share of the hotel’s bookings, the property maintains several traditional two-bed queen rooms for families and friends. Rooms feature double vanities and a walk-in shower, plus the same decor and amenities as king rooms.


On the hotel’s mezzanine level, guests have access to a private clubroom. Staff replenish complimentary treats ranging from light fare to snacks, canapes and desserts throughout the day. Other amenities include a small Charleston-themed lending library, a minifridge and a flat-screen TV.


The Loutrel’s Veranda Bar features elegant coffered ceilings and tall windows that draw in plenty of natural light. In the morning, guests take their complimentary European-style breakfast of pastries and coffee in this room.


The Loutrel serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu of salads, flatbreads and charcuterie boards in the Veranda Lounge. Bartenders shake up classic and creative cocktails, with many recipes being inspired by the flavors of the South. Don’t miss the bourbon-based drinks.


Travelers can sign out complimentary Priority Bicycles for cruising around town. Just be careful: If you spend enough time exploring the narrow streets of the charming historic district, you might start thinking about a permanent relocation.


Thanks for coming on our tour of The Loutrel.

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