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Photos: AC Hotel Asheville Downtown



From the front, we walked through double electric doors into a sleek sitting area with a huge, comfortable white ottoman that’s perfect for lounging on and people-watching while waiting for friends to arrive. Guests check in at the front desk to the immediate left, and there’s another larger seating area to the right.


Photos: AC Hotel Asheville Downtown


Cool but not cold: The hotel exudes modern, minimalist luxury beginning at check-in, from the clean lines of the front desk to the contemporary lighting.


The ultra-modern vibe extends to the 24/7 bodega off the lobby, illuminated by a snazzy chandelier. We were impressed with the selection, which includes local favorite Sunshine Sammies ice cream sandwiches and limited-release beer.


Hotel lobby or modern art gallery? This AC Hotel isn’t known for its art, but an impressive installation of large-scale regional works says otherwise, with metal sculptures by Fred and Kato Guggenheim and carbon wood sculptures by Carl Pittman.


The hallway leading to the back portion of the rooftop deck features a rotating roster of art by local artists, with all works available for purchase. The art is curated by Marquee, a European-style indoor art market in the nearby River Arts District.


The hotel’s pièce de résistance is its massive rooftop deck. Various vantage points offer several ways to take in the sweeping mountain and city views. The on-site restaurant, Capella on 9, is known for its small plates and serves dinner daily. In-house restaurant AC Kitchen serves breakfast daily in this same space. A staff member said the restaurant’s charcuterie board is one of the best in town.


Both AC Kitchen and Capella on 9 are located on the ninth floor, serving breakfast, dinner and drinks. There’s a large deck out back, but this smaller wrap-around deck off the front of the building offers stunning sunset views of the city if you’re lucky enough to snag a table.


We visited a standard king room and were immediately taken by the accommodation’s fresh and clean smell! Both standard king and double queen rooms offer the same essential amenities with a sitting area, a workspace, a walk-in shower and a coffee maker. There are also four king suites with balconies and pull-out sofas.


The four guest room floors (levels five through eight) feature a hydration station. The ice is thoughtfully pre-bagged to eliminate all of that ice machine noise. Level seven also has a self-serve guest laundry room.


Metal chain curtains divide intimate seating areas inside the rooftop bar. Guests can enjoy breakfast, dinner, tapas, cocktails and mountain views, as well as live music and DJs on the weekends. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so come early to stake out your spot if you want to catch a sunset.


A small fitness center located on the lobby level has everything you need to keep up your exercise routine away from home. They also provide towels and bottled water. If you’re a runner, the River Arts District Greenway is just a 1.5-mile jog from here.


Business travelers can set up shop in a media center located directly off the lobby. Two workstations (one with a desktop computer) are also available.


Thanks for coming on our tour of the AC Hotel Asheville Downtown.

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