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NHL Discover it Review | U.S. News

The NHL® Discover it® gives you 1% unlimited cash back on all purchases automatically and 5% cash back at different places each quarter when you activate the offer. Categories may include grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations, but depend on what’s available each quarter. There is a quarterly spending maximum to earn 5% back. However, you’ll get a dollar-for-dollar match on all your cash back at the end of your first year, and there’s no annual fee. A fun perk for hockey fans, you can pick the logo of your favorite NHL team to showcase on the card.

  • Issuer NameDiscover
  • Credit NeededExcellent/Good
  • Annual FeeSee Terms
  • Regular APR16.74% to 27.74% Variable
  • Purchases Intro APR15-month 0% annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers

  • Can keep track of and maximize 5% cash back categories.
  • Plan a major expense to use the cash back match and 0% introductory APR.
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee.

The NHL® Discover it® comes strong out of the gate, offering a 15-month 0% annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers. It also has a cash back match, which means Discover will dollar-for-dollar match on all your cash back at the end of your first year with the card. If you’re planning a major purchase, you could get 15 months to pay it off with no interest, and Discover will double your cash back earnings on it. Alternatively, you could use the 15-month introductory rate to transfer a balance and save on interest.

Beyond the introductory offer and cash back match, stay on top of the card’s 5% bonus categories, which change each quarter and are limited to the first $1,500 in purchases. You’ll need to activate your bonus – easy enough to do when you log in to pay your bill. Then, keep track of which categories earn the most.

Editor’s Take

The NHL® Discover it® is a good choice for hockey fans seeking cash back rewards and no annual fee. It offers a fun way to show support for your favorite team but still has solid rewards and a 15-month 0% annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers.

You could make this your everyday card, though your cash back earnings may be limited if your purchases don’t line up with the always-changing bonus categories. For example, let’s say you often spend a lot at restaurants. The NHL® Discover it® may only offer 5% cash back on dining purchases for three months out of the year and a maximum of $1,500 in spending. In that case, you won’t earn as much as you could with a less restrictive rewards card.

Jessica MerrittContributor

The NHL® Discover it® doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus, but new cardholders get a cash back match that doubles your cash back earnings at the end of your first year with the card.

Planning purchases with Discover’s Cashback Bonus calendar can help you maximize your 5% cash back potential with the NHL® Discover it®. Discover usually announces new quarterly categories a month before the categories start, so you can plan ahead. For example, if grocery stores are coming up soon on the Cashback Bonus calendar, you might plan to purchase grocery gift cards during that quarter to prepay some of your grocery expenses and earn 5% at the same time.

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