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My Best Buy Visa Card

Cardholders can use the My Best Buy Visa® Card to earn reward certificates for redemption at Best Buy or, or take advantage of flexible financing on purchases of $299 or more. The card earns points on eligible purchases at Best Buy, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and other locations where Visa is accepted.

  • Issuer NameCiti
  • Annual Fee$0
  • APR30.99% Variable

  • Are a frequent Best Buy shopper.
  • Plan to use the My Best Buy financing options or want to earn and redeem reward certificates.
  • Want a card with no annual fee.

You have to be a loyal and frequent Best Buy shopper to get good value from this card, so if that’s you, then go for it. You have the choice when you make a purchase if you want to earn rewards or take advantage of a special financing plan to pay it off slowly. Both of these options come with warnings.

On the rewards side, Best Buy will automatically send you a $5 rewards certificate when you accumulate 250 points, but you also have the option to bank your points until you reach a higher threshold. Once a certificate is issued, it has an expiration date, so if you think you may have the tendency to let a few $5 rewards go to waste, increasing your reward denomination might be a better idea for you.

As for financing offers, always tread carefully with deferred interest offers. If you don’t pay the full balance by the end of the interest-free period, you’ll be hit with interest charges on the full amount from the date of purchase.

Editor’s Take

Store cards aren’t always the best deal for cardholders because of their high APR and tricky policies. With a 30.99% variable APR and limited-redemption rewards, the Best Buy Visa card may fall into that category. The exception to that rule is if you’re a Best Buy super shopper and can use the card to offset the cost of your spending there or take advantage of some extra time to pay down a large purchase.

The key is you must be disciplined enough not to carry a balance and make sure you don’t forget to use your rewards in time. Otherwise, you might be better off with a more general rewards card or one that has a long 0% APR introductory offer on purchases if you’re looking to save on interest.

Dawn PapandreaContributor

My Best Buy Visa® Card holders can earn a total of 10% back on your first day of purchases with the card, double the usual rate. You have 14 days from the card opening to make that purchase.

This card earns 5% back on eligible Best Buy purchases; 3% back on eligible gas purchases; 2% back on eligible grocery, dining and takeout purchases; and 1% back on other eligible purchases. Cardholders also may be able to take advantage of limited-time bonus rewards categories.

Cardholders earn rewards as points, and each point is worth 2 cents. Purchases in the 5% back category earn 2.5 points per dollar spent, 3% back equals 1.5 points per dollar spent, 2% back equals one point per dollar spent and 1% back equals one point per $2 spent.

Reward certificates can be used for discounts on qualifying purchases in Best Buy stores or at You receive $5 for every 250 points you earn, and it’s automatically emailed to you. You can also choose to bank points until you’re ready to request a certificate, or you can set your auto-issue preference to a level higher than 250 points.

Reward certificates expire; you should use them prior to the printed expiration date. Certificates also don’t have any cash value, cannot be transferred to someone else and cannot be converted back into points. They can, however, be combined with other offers.

Cardholders can print their certificates, redeem them through the Best Buy mobile app or ask an associate to look up their reward certificates in-store.

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