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Mohun Bagan ‘No-show’ Gives East Bengal Derby Walkover, Set For Runners-up Finish

File image of Mohun Bagan Super Giant team© Twitter

The much-anticipated derby of the Calcutta Football League premier division was a “no-starter” after Mohun Bagan Super Giant did not turn up for the clash against arch-rivals East Bengal. “Today’s scheduled CFL derby at the Naihati Bankimanjali Stadium couldn’t take place due to Mohun Bagan SG’s non-participation,” read the official update.

Playing back-to-back matches in AFC Cup and ISL, the Mariners had appealed to the local governing body, Indian Football Association to postpone the match to December 28.

But the IFA did not accept Mohun Bagan’s request and went ahead with the scheduled fixture.

The match was slated at 2pm and match referee Tanmoy Dhar waited for the stipulated period of one hour before declaring Mohun Bagan “absent”.

East Bengal will, thus, get full three points and set to become the runners-up.

Mohammedan Sporting have already sealed the title.

Mohun Bagan fielded a second string side this season and won seven, drew three to log 24 points from 13 outings.

The red-and-gold brigade have 36 points from 15 matches.

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