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Manchester City Fined Over Chaotic Scenes In Spurs Match

The Manchester City vs Spurs game had ended in a 3-3 draw.

Manchester City have been fined 120,000 pound ($152,000) after their players surrounded referee Simon Hooper in the closing moments of their 3-3 draw with Tottenham earlier this month. Hooper made the contentious call to bring play back after he initially played advantage following Emerson Royal’s mistimed challenge on Erling Haaland. Haaland was able to get back to his feet and produce a through ball which sent Jack Grealish away, but Hooper blew his whistle to end a promising attack.

It sparked an animated reaction from City’s players, with top-scorer Haaland in particular incensed.

Haaland expressed his frustration again at full-time and later made clear his bemusement with a post on social media site X, formerly known as Twitter.

The Football Association has now fined City after they admitted their players behaved in an improper way.

“Manchester City FC have been fined £120,000 after their players surrounded a match official at the Premier League game against Tottenham Hotspur FC on Sunday 3 December,” an FA statement said.

“Manchester City FC admitted that they failed to ensure their players did not behave in an improper way during the 94th minute.

“An independent regulatory commission imposed this sanction following a hearing.”

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