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“Lionel Messi And I Went Through Hell At PSG”: Neymar Jr.

Two of the finest footballers in the world, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. brought an end to their journey at Paris Saint-Germain, securing moves to Inter Miami and Al-Hilal respectively. Both star forwards had joined PSG from Barcelona, hoping to help the Ligue 1 club with the Champions League. But, little went right since the time they secured a move to the France capital. Having now put the PSG ordeal to bed, Neymar opened up on how difficult things were for him and Messi at the club.

Messi, despite being one of the finest footballers in the world, would often be criticised by the clubs fans. Some even jeered Messi as he came out to play for the club. The Argentine, hence decided to move on and begin a new chapter in Major League Soccer.

Neymar, in an interview with Brazilian outlet Globo, said that he was happy to see Messi’s PSG stay coming to an end after the conclusion of the 2022-23 season.

“I was very happy for the year he (Messi) had, but at the same time very sad, because he lived both sides of the coin, he went to heaven with the Argentina team, won everything in recent years, and with Paris he lived hell. We lived through hell, both he and I. We get upset because we’re not there for nothing, we’re there to do our best, be champions, try to make history, that’s why we started playing together again, we came together there so we could make history. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it,” Neymar said.

Neymar opened up on the treatment Messi got at PSG, saying the World Cup-winner was ‘unfairly treated’.

“Messi left in a way that, for football, he didn’t deserve. For everything he is, everything he does, anyone who knows him knows, he is a guy who trains, who fights, if he loses he gets angry, and he was unfairly treated in my opinion. But at the same time I was very happy that he won the World Cup. As you said, football was fair this time, since the Brazilian team lost, Messi deserved to end his career like this,” Neymar further said.

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