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Kenny Omega on AEW Revolution deathmatch with Jon Moxley



All Elite Wrestling champion Kenny Omega is set to defend his championship against Jon Moxley in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch at the “Revolution” pay-per-view Sunday (B/R Live, 8 p.m.). Before stepping in a ring with barbed wire for ropes that cause an explosion when touched, Omega took time for some Q&A with The Post’s Joseph Staszewski.

(Edited for clarity and length)

Q: Why was this the right moment to bring an exploding barbed wire deathmatch to AEW?

A: I feel like every week is always the right moment to bring something new to the table, and that’s kind of why I tried with the weeks leading up to this match, to the pay-per-view, that there has been a lot of surprises, things you didn’t expect to see on our programing, things you didn’t expect to see in professional wrestling and this is sort of just the cherry on the sundae. After seeing Don Callis, the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) from Impact, Kenta, there’s no better way in my mind to blow everything out of the water by just blowing each other up. That’s how we’re ending this thing.

Q: Why has it been important for AEW to not shy away from the more hardcore type of matches we don’t often see on U.S. television?

A: I still very much look at pro wrestling as an art form. I still like to consider myself the utmost professional. People like to dumb down matches with a violent stipulation. They kind of like just defer to those as garbage wrestling or that maybe we lack a certain area of expertise or talent, which is why we’re going there. For me, it’s the complete opposite. I want to be considered as one of the best well-around athletes in professional wrestling and I want to test myself in all avenues this sport has to offer.

For me to do that and do that effectively, I have to have some kind of experience in these types of situations. I want to test myself with the type of wrestler who specializes in this type of stuff. And sure, I don’t think Moxley has had an exploding barbed wire deathmatch, but it’s not something out of his wheelhouse to do something very hardcore.  

We have this very competitive nature, the both of us, but in very different ways and I think we have very different motivations in wrestling as well, but by having this stipulation added to this match I feel like the two of us are as motivated as ever in kind of different ways. But because we are both so motivated, I do believe the stars will align and something special will emerge from this.

Q: Is there a type of match or style you feel like you haven’t tested yourself that you still want to?

A: One of them was mixed-tag wrestling. I had a ton of those in Japan and they’ve always been a lot of fun. Like shoot-style wrestling. I have a background in jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts and people are probably so shocked to hear that because I like video games.

Even though my style doesn’t use a lot of those (jiu-jitsu) skills that I had trained back in the day, I still have them. It’s fun to shows those off when I can in the right situations. I’ve done matches like that in Japan, but that was before my New Japan time when no one really knew who I was. It would be cool to go back and have an opportunity where I could show that. I mean, it’s all timing.  

Q: Why was The Cleaner version of Kenny Omega the one you wanted use for this long-awaited singles run in AEW?

A: When I saw how the relationship was going to develop with Don Callis, it sort of reminded me of the days when I first started to use The Cleaner character in New Japan where I would find success in the ring, but I wasn’t against using foul tactics. I wasn’t against using my fellow comrades. We always traveled in a pack. People for whatever reason, they can relate to The Cleaner and they enjoy the character. I really do think this current incarnation is a lot different, but if it’s easier for people to tether it to something that I’ve done in the past I guess you can call it The Cleaner as it debuted in 2015-16 in New Japan.

Q: So you felt like it was a character people could easily relate to?

A: For me, it’s actually something kind of brand new because I never really had an active manager. In the Bullet Club, we had active wresters accompany us to the ring that would sometimes help us with nefarious tactics and all of that. But this is the first time I’ve actually had a manager. We are doing active segments on TV, fun stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. Sports entertainmenty stuff, but that’s the kind of stuff I love about having a character like this and being able to flesh it out using those kinds of segments, going for a day of golf or visiting children’s daycare. That’s all super fun stuff for me, stuff I love to do and never really got a chance to do in New Japan because the wrestling culture is so different.

Q:  Now that the forbidden door is cracked open and there is a relationship between AEW and New Japan, does it feel like you and IWGP world heavyweight champion Kota Ibushi are bound to cross paths at some time? That’s obviously a match fans really want to see.

A: I always felt like even when we parted ways and I kind of came over to America to attempt to try this thing out with AEW, and Ibushi really wanted to still accomplish what he has always dreamed of during in Japan, I sort of felt that things once again at some point would come full circle. I knew we were both winding down in the pursuit of our dreams in wrestling and we were breaking ourselves essentially. We were worried we wouldn’t get back around to that point because it would be too broken to do it.

But he’s done what he’s always wanted to do and I’m doing something I never thought I’d be doing right now, but it’s put us both in a position where it’s perhaps possible. It’s well within the realm of possibility if the world was open to some degree to these type of things. It’s not even an issue of if the companies are open to it.

Don Callis, Doc Gallows, Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson

Q: I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow, but.

A: The way I look at it though, it’s one thing to think about the fan’s perspective and the fans might say, “Hey it’s super fun, how could you not do this” or “this would be a great match.” The reality of the situation is there are a ton of great matches with wrestlers from all over the world. Just pair them together and they’ll put on a great match.

Yes, there is a personal connection, there is an emotional connection between myself and Ibushi, but fortunately and unfortunately what gets things done in the wrestling business is the ideas, the matchups, what will make money for both the industry and both promotions when you are doing a crossover. In this case, I think it’s pretty irrefutable that this is an angle or a matchup or an event that could make both companies a lot of money. If that’s the selling point on the business end of things, that’s probably the hardest barrier to break through. It’s always the people in the offices you have to convince at the end of the day.

I feel like ever since even my first trip to Japan in 2008 my destiny was always tied to Ibushi, so it does feel fitting in some way. Does that mean it’s going to happen now? I don’t know. It feels odd. You get those tingles a little bit when I think about it.

Q: What has been your biggest takeaway from the women’s tournament so far?

A: We’ve had shorter segments on TV before where matches would be five, six, seven minutes. Now we are getting in the 15-minute range and it’s really difficult to go from these short, really quick bursts to having these longer matches. They were all ready for it and they’re ready to assume the responsibility to go in there with the kind of energy and the kind of hunger that you need to start a match fresh and continue that sort of drive and that energy throughout that entire segment and just kill it until the finish.

I was so happy to hear a lot of the feedback that everyone was enjoying those matches as well as (me) and for some of our characters. And for some of our wrestlers, people would write them off, maybe “they’re too old” or “I don’t like their character” or “they have no charisma.” Now that we got to see them in a more competitive capacity the opinion has changed on almost everybody, which is great.

Q: There has been a push for Maki Itoh. Is there a chance we see more of her and is there a chance she eventually gets signed by AEW? She probably has that charisma that can translate well.

A: We have been able to see Yuka Sakazaki on more than one occasion for AEW. People really took to her and they like her and she’s got some very unique qualities that make her special and a star. I also thought that Maki Itoh was one of those type of people I always thought, is this too much? Is this going to be too much for American television? She gets a little profane at times, you know what I mean. But I was always a firm believer that she would rise above it and she would translate.

I loved that one of the qualities she had in the match was you actually had moments in the match where you thought she could win. I think that’s why people were a little disappointed maybe she didn’t because she wasn’t just a complete pushover and comedy character. She actually took the fight to a respectable athlete.

Will we see her back? It’s not something you really answer with a yes or no because there are so many hurdles to clear to get people from country to country in this day and age due to all the travel restrictions, and she has another schedule she needs to follow in Japan which requires the mandatory two-week quarantine where you have to do nothing.

But we’re not stupid. I’m not stupid. I do know there is a demand for her and I’d love people to see her live as well. It’s not even for me to decide. If I can snap my fingers and have her appear in Florida and then yeah I could easily say yes you are going to see her, but it’s more complicated than that. 

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Watch Live From the Masters online | YouTube TV (Free Trial)




The first and most prestigious major golf tournament of this year, The Masters Golf Tournament 2021 is rescheduled to take place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia from Apr 5-11. 2021 Masters Tournament will signify the 85th edition of the Masters Tournament. Follow this article for Masters live stream guide, TV info, schedule, picks and more.

Broadcast info:
Event: The Masters Tournament 2021
Date: April 8 – 11, 2021
Venue: Augusta National
TV Channel:

Tournament dates: April 8-11

Where is 2021 Masters? Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia

US TV coverage: stream ESPN and CBS live with FuboTV FREE trial

Global live stream: Sky Sports (UK) | TSN (CAN) | Kayo Sports free trial (AUS)

Watch anywhere: grab our No. 1 rated VPN 100% risk-free

The Masters preview:

The 2021 Masters has arrived just four months on from the first-ever Autumn Masters last November. Augusta National will once again welcome the golfing world this week as one of if not the most prestigious event in golf resumes its traditional spot on the calendar signifying that Spring is officially upon us.Paramount+ and

In what is shaping up to be one of the most wide-open Masters in a very long time, Dustin Johnson aims to be the first repeat winner of the green jacket since Tiger Woods did it in 2001-2002. The World number one per the Official World Golf Rankings dominantly won his first green jacket last year and he will be joined this week by the rest of the top ten in the rankings and an overall star-studded field.

What is Augusta National: The home of the Masters?

Augusta National Golf Club has been home to one of the most prestigious sporting events in the World since 1934 and it truly is the perfect setting for an event that has a “tradition unlike any other”.
The PAR 72 7,475 yard masterpiece was designed by Bobby Jones and Alistair McKenzie in 1933 and is a true test of a golfer’s complete game with its tree-lined fairways, steep elevation changes, and lightning-fast Bentgrass greens that slope throughout.
The course is known for its natural beauty and traditional springtime azaleas as well as being home to one of the most iconic stretches in golf, Amen Corner, a three-hole stretch that features one of the most spectacular PAR 3’s in the world, the PAR 3 12th hole that sits right along the famous Rae’s creek.
Augusta National is expected to play much quicker this week than it did back in November as it returns to its traditional spot in the Spring.

The Masters Tournament 2021: When and where?

Which TV channel will broadcast the coverage?

The Masters golf 2021 will be broadcast on ESPN and CBS. Since the event’s main location is in the US, the US channels will handle the broadcast. The officials have confirmed that CBS Television will conduct the coverage from Thursday, April 08 to Sunday, April 11, 2021. Meanwhile, early-round coverage is also available on ESPN.The Masters Golf tournament will begin on April 8th and conclude on April 11th 2021. Live every year, The Masters will take place at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga.

International Televisions Here are the list:

UK: Sky Sports

Mexico: ESPN Latin North

Australia: Channel 9Gem, Kayo Sports

Ireland: Eir Sport

South Africa: SuperSport

Sweden: TVMatchen

Japan: J Sports

Poland: GOLFTV

Norway: GOLFTV

Russia: GOLFTV

How to Live Stream the Masters 2021?

The Masters live stream is available on the official website The tournament can also be watched on ESPN+, Paramount+ and fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial.

How to Stream Masters Golf 2021 Live Online:

This year’s Masters Golf has been familiar with the cord-cutters. You can tune in to CBS and ESPN to get full coverage of the event. The good thing here is that you can access it through many platforms. There are many choices you can consider. Most of the media streaming service provide you 7 days free options to try their services, so, hope you don’t speed a single penny to watch the masters 2021. Here are the step-by-step guidelines.

Masters Golf 2021 Live online Via Official Channels:

CBS has been holding the full broadcasting rights of the Masters Golf event since 1956. But in 2008, ESPN joined the broadcasting team. That was good news for the ESPN lovers back then. So, whether you are the ESPN team or the CBS team, you can tune in either of the channels.

Masters organizers provide the live streaming service for the viewers in the USA. If you are living in the US, you are fortunate. All you need to do is to visit to watch the Masters Live right through your browser.

Keep in mind to update your browser first before proceeding because regularly updates its platform. After heading to the site, you could hit the “LIVE” tab, and that’s it. You will be able to watch the live-action of Morning Drive and Live From the Masters.


Masters Golf 2021 Round 1 and 2 live coverage from Augusta National Golf Club at ESPN. So you can watch The Masters tournament coverage through ESPN+. It is a relatively new live streaming service provided by The Walt Disney Company.

It is a bit different from the ESPN app since it presents extra ESPN content. The ESPN+ focuses on the golden badge content including the original material, special sports events, UFC PPV Fights and so on. The subscription cost is only $5.99 per month. But if you choose a yearly basis plan, you need to pay $49.99 per year. Watch masters 2021 live stream through ESPN+, and you won’t regret it.

Paramount Plus

CBS will coverage Masters Tournament Round 3 and 4 from Augusta National Golf Club. So you can watch Masters Golf 2021 live stream online through Paramount Plus. For those who haven’t known it yet, Paramount Plus includes programs from CBS, MTV, BET, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and The Smithsonian Channel. So, Paramount+ allows users to watch CBS without a cable subscription. It only offers a CBS live stream at affordable prices.

How to watch US Masters 2021 Tournament Live Streaming on Cable TV?

Is it possible to watch Masters 2021 without cable? If you have a sort of question, the answer will be a big YES. When you are looking for watching Masters online, the options are available there.


FuboTV has been popular amongst sports lovers. It offers tons of significant channels that you can enjoy maximally. There are four bundles provided by the FuboTV media streaming provider. You can find the CBS and ESPN networks.

So, it is more a common choice for Masters fans. You can also record the events in case you miss some of them since it also comes with the free cloud DVR storage space. It provides 250 hours of space for you (Starter Package).

But you can also upgrade the storage space to 250 hours at the cost of $9.99 per month. FuboTV also gives you perks in operation. It allows up to two users to use the service at the same time. But if you want to add the third user to your equation, you will need to pay an extra $5.99 per month. Consider taking a look at the details of the service. You will want to see them before proceeding.

Try YouTube TV:

YouTube TV is a common choice for cord-cutters since it provides such excellent service of live streaming. The monthly subscription costs $64.99, and it already gives you an abundant amount of the major channels that you can enjoy, including the channels that broadcast the Masters 2021. You can tune in to either CBS Sports or ESPN to watch the Masters 2021 live stream.

Also, we need to mention that it comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage space. In case you are missing some moments, you can watch the replays through the DVR storage space. Keep in mind that the videos will be deleted after nine months. You can also share your YouTube TV ID with other five Google users (six Google users in total). But only up to three users can use the service at the same time.

Hulu with Live TV:

Hulu with Live TV is a spare package of Hulu. As the name suggests, it focuses on the Live TV plan. But it also comes with an on-demand video service as well. It costs $64.99 per month. With this package, you are already eligible to enjoy the essential channels including the ones that broadcast the upcoming Masters 2021. The chains are CBS, CBS Sports, ESPN, as well as ESPN 2. So, it doesn’t matter which channel you like; you can’t go wrong with Hulu with Live TV. It also comes with 50 hours of storage space for a cloud DVR service. But you can upgrade it for a certain amount.

Sling TV:

If you are looking for budget-friendly media streaming services, you can’t go wrong with Sling TV. It allows you to customize your package to your liking. Sling TV primarily provides three types of subscriptions: Orange, Blue, Orange + Blue. ESPN and ESPN2 are available in the Orange and Orange + Blue bundles. CBS is available in the Blue Bundles and Orange + Blue bundles. That means if you want to have both respective channels, you must choose the Orange + Blue bundles. Each package costs $30 except the mix bundles which costs $45. It is much more affordable to pick the mix bundles.


AT&T TV NOW has been around for a while. It is an excellent service that allows users to enjoy a bunch of content from various niches. It has five types of media streaming services from Live A Little, Just Right, Go Big, Gotta Have It, and Todo Y Mas.

The CBS is available in all the bundles. However, ESPN and ESPN2 are only available in the Live A Little, Just Right, Go Big, and Gotta Have It. If you prefer CBS Sports, you’d like to choose Go Big and Gotta Have It. Unfortunately, the DVR storage space is only 20 hours for free. If you are okay with this, you could proceed.

How to watch a Masters live stream from outside your country:

There are loads of easy ways to watch a Masters golf live stream, including in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and almost anywhere else in the world. Scroll down for a full breakdown of options, but note that if you’re currently abroad, you’ll need to use a VPN to dial into a location that lets you watch the Masters online in the same way you would at home.

A VPN is perfect for this, as it allows you to change your IP address so you appear to be in your country of residence, where your usual streaming services and subscriptions are based. You may be surprised by how easy it easy to get started using one, too.

How can you watch the 2021 Masters Golf Live Stream in the US without Cable?

In the US, Masters coverage is shared by ESPN and CBS, with ESPN offering live coverage of rounds one and two, and CBS taking over at the weekend with live coverage of rounds three and four.

If you’ve got them on cable, simply head to the ESPN and CBS websites and log in with your cable credentials to stream their coverage online.

For the first two rounds, the first groups get going at 8 am ET / 5 am PT, with the final threes going out at 2 pm ET.

We think the best deal in town for cable-cutting golf fans is FuboTV, as it includes both ESPN and CBS in its Starter plan.

At $65 per month, it’s a much cheaper alternative to traditional cable with the flexibility to cancel at any point – and if you haven’t had Fubo before, you can take advantage of its FREE TRIAL and watch the Masters 2021 without paying a penny, if that’s how you choose to play it.

You can also tap into ESPN’s coverage through streaming service ESPN Plus, which only costs $5.99 per month (featured groups and holes only), and CBS’s new streamer Paramount Plus, which costs $9.99 a month for the ad-free version or $5.99 a month with ads. But you’d need to grab both to get all four days’ coverage.

You needn’t find yourself in a pickle when you’re abroad, either, as using a good VPN as described above will let you watch the streaming services and content you pay for at home, from anywhere in the world. This means you can watch the Masters 2021 online from anywhere.

How to watch Masters Golf 2021 Live streaming in the UK?

UK-based golf fans likely know that Sky Sports has the rights to PGA Tour coverage in Blighty – and the same is true of The Masters.

Live coverage of the Masters 2021 is available through the Sky Sports Golf channel from April 8-11, and it’s as comprehensive as it gets, switching to Sky Sports Main Event at peak times and for the heart of the action.

Featured Groups coverage starts at 2 pm BST for rounds 1 and 2, ahead of full coverage going on-air at 7.30 pm, while live coverage of rounds 3 and 4 starts at 7 pm.

Subscribers also get to watch on the move using the Sky Go app, which is available on nearly all modern phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and consoles. For those without Sky, the best option is a Now TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass.

Watch UK golf coverage from abroad to access your usual streaming service from outside the UK, you’ll need to download a good VPN as detailed above.

How to Watch Masters Tournament 2021 Golf in Australia for Free?

Golf fans Down Under will find that premium TV provider Foxtel is the holder of Masters 2021 rights. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it means you can live stream Masters 2021 golf online through slick streaming platform Kayo, with coverage starting at 5 am AEST each morning for rounds 1-3, and 4 am for the final round. Newbies can take advantage of a FREE Kayo trial to see if the service is right for them.

For those who decide to keep it, Kayo price plans start from a super affordable $25 a month – really good value considering how much premium live sports action it hosts. Not in Australia?

Aussies abroad looking to watch a Masters live stream should find that a good VPN helps them access their home streaming services wherever they are.

How to watch 2021 Masters Golf Live Online in Canada?

Canadian golf fans will find that CTV and TSN are the broadcasters to turn to for live Masters 2021 golf coverage.

TSN has the exclusive rights on Thursday and Friday, while national broadcaster CTV (and its French-language partner network, RDS) join the party on Saturday and Sunday for coverage of the final two rounds.

This makes life easy for cord-cutters, who can subscribe to TSN Direct on a streaming-only basis from just $7.99 a day or (much better value) $19.99 a month.

Just remember that if you’re abroad right now you can use a VPN to magically transport yourself back in Canada to live stream Masters 2021 coverage just like you would at home.

Masters 2021 schedule:

It is a few days away from the 2021 Masters Golf.

The week schedule starts from Monday, April 05 and it will be finished on Sunday, April 11. Pre-tournament events will be started from Monday, April 05 to Wednesday,

April 07. Masters tournament main events Round 1,2,3,4 will be as well as the next 4 days from Thursday,

April 08 to Sunday, April 11.


Round 1: Thursday, April 8 | Start time: 8:30 a.m.

Featured Groups: 9:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (All day)

Featured Holes (4, 5 and 6): 9:25 a.m.-6:45 p.m.

Featured Holes (Amen Corner, 11, 12 and 13): 10:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (15 and 16): 11:45 a.m.-7 p.m.

TV Channel: 3-7:30 p.m. on

ESPN TV simulcast live stream: 3-7:30 p.m. on Post-round highlights: 11:35-11:50 p.m. on CBS


Round 2: Friday, April 9 | Start time: 8:30 a.m.

Featured Groups: 9:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. (All day)

Featured Holes (4, 5 and 6): 9:25 a.m.-6:45 p.m.

Featured Holes (Amen Corner, 11, 12 and 13): 10:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (15 and 16): 11:45 a.m.-7 p.m.

TV Coverage: 3-7:30 p.m. on

ESPN TV simulcast live stream: 3-7:30 p.m. on Post-round highlights: 11:35-11:50 p.m. on CBS


Round 3: Saturday, April 10 | Start time: 10 a.m.

Featured Groups: 10:15 a.m. to 7 p.m. (All day)

Featured Holes (4, 5 and 6): 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (Amen Corner, 11, 12 and 13): 11:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (15 and 16): 12:30-6:30 p.m.

TV coverage: 3-7 p.m. on

CBS TV simulcast live stream: 3-7 p.m. on, CBS Sports App, Paramount+* Round 3 encore: 8 p.m. on CBS Sports Network

Round 4: Sunday, April 11 | Start time: 8 a.m.

Featured Groups: 10:15 a.m. to 7 p.m. (All day)

Featured Holes (4, 5 and 6): 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (Amen Corner, 11, 12 and 13): 11:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Featured Holes (15 and 16): 12:30-6:30 p.m.

TV coverage: 2-7 p.m. on C

BS TV simulcast live stream: 2-7 p.m. on, CBS Sports App, Paramount+* Round 4 encore: 8 p.m. on CBS Sports Network

Masters Golf 2021: Course, Field & Format


I mentioned that there are no courses created equal. The Augusta National’s championship setup itself was lengthened in recent years. The current setup is 520 yards, longer than the 2001 course.


Almost the same as the other majors, it has four rounds at 18 holes each. The competition will span from Thursday through Sunday when there are no delays. Augusta is a relatively small field for the professionals, compared to other golf tournaments where there are 36 holes.


The invitations are now from the events in the PGA Tour. The field is filled with the contenders from the top 12 plus ties from Masters, top 4 from the US Open, Open Championship, as well as PGA championship.

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Bulls’ Zach LaVine called cops on ‘obsessed’ fan at his home




Zach LaVine had an unwanted visitor.

The Chicago Bulls star had to call the police after an “allegedly obsessed” woman showed up to his Chicago home and refused to leave on Thursday night, according to TMZ. 

The woman reportedly traveled from out of state, demanding to speak with the first-time All-Star, who was home at the time.

Police took her a local hospital for mental evaluation, and she has not been formally arrested or charged with a crime.

LaVine, 25, wrapped up first-half action with the Bulls on Wednesday and was drafted to Kevin Durant’s All-Star side for Sunday’s festivities in Atlanta.

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Blake Griffin a free agent after Pistons buyout




Blake Griffin will be free to sign with the Nets or another interested NBA team after agreeing to a contract buyout with the Detroit Pistons.

The six-time All-Star forward “has interest from most of the NBA’s top playoff contenders and is expected to make a decision on his next team after conversations with prospective teams,” ESPN reported.

The Nets, Lakers, Heat, Warriors and Clippers – his former team — are among those that have expressed interest, according to the New York Times. added that the Blazers are interested

The 31-year-old Griffin hasn’t played since Feb. 12 while the Pistons attempted to trade him before the March 25 deadline, but they found no takers due to the remainder of his $36.6 million salary for this season and the $39 million he’s owed for 2021-22.

Blake Griffin was released by the Pistons on March 5, 2021
Blake Griffin was released by the Pistons on March 5, 2021
Getty Images

Griffin is averaging a career-low 12.3 points and 5.2 rebounds in 20 games this season. He was dealt by the Clippers to Detroit in 2018, during the first season of a five-year extension worth $171 million.

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