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Granada vs Athletic Bilbao Match Abandoned After Fan Dies

Supporters leave as the match between Granada FC and Athletic Club Bilbao is suspended.© AFP

Granada’s match against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday in La Liga was abandoned after a supporter died in the stands at the Nuevo Los Carmenes stadium. The match was paused after 18 minutes with visitors Athletic leading 1-0 as the Granada fan received medical attention, with La Liga confirming the match was then abandoned “because of the sad death of a fan” in a statement.

Players from both sides left the pitch 20 minutes after play was suspended, with supporters then requested to leave the stadium after the decision was eventually taken to abandon the game.

Granada said in a statement the match was “suspended indefinitely after the death of a club season ticket holder” and offered their condolences to the fan’s family and friends.

Athletic goalkeeper Unai Simon was applauded by Granada fans after helping to inform officials of the incident in the stands.

Visitors Athletic were leading through an early Inaki Williams strike. La Liga said they would soon announce a new date and time for the match to be resumed.

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