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French President Emmanuel Macron To ‘Try To Push’ For Kylian Mbappe To Stay At PSG


Emmanuel Macron said he had “no scoop” on the future of Kylian Mbappe.© AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday he would “try to push” for Kylian Mbappe to stay at Paris Saint-Germain. Asked by a young PSG fan on the sidelines of the VivaTech exhibition in Paris, Macron said he had “no scoop” on the future of Mbappe. “But I will try to push for” the France captain to stay, Macron continued in a light-hearted exchange. Mbappe’s future at PSG is in serious doubt after the striker told AFP he had never discussed extending his contract with the club beyond next year.

French President Emmanuel Macron To ‘Try To Push’ For Kylian Mbappe To Stay At PSG

Mbappe and his entourage spoke out the day after he sent a letter to the club confirming he would not take up an option to remain at the French champions until 2025.

That immediately raised the spectre of the 24-year-old forward, one of the most coveted players in world football, following Lionel Messi out of Parc des Princes this summer because if Qatar-owned PSG do not cash in by selling him now, he could leave for nothing at the end of next season.

Should Macron talk with Mbappe, it would not be the first time the pair have brought up his future in the Paris club.


Last year, Mbappe made the startling revelation that he had talked over his potential transfer to Real Madrid with Macron, saying he appreciated the “good advice” of the French president, who wanted the PSG star to stay in France.

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