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Deadly Fire in India Amusement Park

NEW DELHI — A huge fire broke out Saturday in an amusement park in Gujarat State in western India, killing at least 27 people, some of them children, the police said.

The fire erupted at the park in the city of Rajkot. Police Commissioner Raju Bhargava said the blaze was under control and that a rescue operation was underway.

Radhika Bharai, a police officer, told the Press Trust of India that the deaths of 27 had been confirmed so far, adding that the charred condition of the bodies made identification difficult. Among the dead were four children under the age of 12.

The park is usually packed on weekends, with families with children enjoying the school summer vacation.

Footage showed firefighters clearing debris around collapsed tin-roof structures that news media reports said were used for bowling, go-karting and trampoline attractions.

The police said they had detained the owner and the manager of the amusement park for questioning as they began an investigation into the fire’s cause.

The amusement park is privately owned by Yuvraj Singh Solanki. Mr. Bhargava, the police commissioner, said that a charge of negligence would be filed against him.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote on X that he was “extremely distressed by the fire” in Rajkot. “My thoughts are with all those who have lost their loved ones. Prayers for the injured,” he wrote.

Fires are common in India, where builders and residents often flout building laws and safety codes.

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