‘Christina On The Coast’ Star Reveals “Extreme Stomach Pain” For Several Years



HGTV star Christina Haack today revealed that she’s been battling “extreme stomach pain” for several years, but recently took action to get better.

In a long Instagram post, Christina Haack, age 38, said hat she has recently undergone an endoscopy and upper GI workup to determine the cause of her pains.

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Although she didn’t say if it affected her work, she did say that she previously blamed “stress” as the cause. Haack had high-profile divorces from ex-husbands Tarek El Moussa and Ant Antstead over the time frame of the stomach pain, and also had a child, as well as her own TV show and business.

“I’ve suffered on and off since 2016 with extreme stomach pain,” she wrote. “It has been written off as stress and doctors have tried to put me on all the pills / meds but luckily I realized masking it wasn’t the answer. I wanted to fix the problem so I really focused on my nutrition and it seemed to get better but then last year it was triggered again and all of a sudden the stomach pain was back…😖,” Haack wrote.

Haack said that an autoimmune disorder, “anxiety can cause major flare ups and my biggest thing I’ve notice being affected is my digestion /gut health.”

“Basically if I don’t eat SUPER clean I get a horrible burning sensation,” Haack wrote . She said the medical procedures happened last week, the tests looking for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. (SIBO).

In closing, Haack said ishe’s now “just praying everything comes back ok and some rounds of antibiotics will kill off whatever bacteria it is that’s damaging my GI tract.”

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