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Best Metal Detectors of 2023

a Metal Detector

What you’re looking for: It sounds simple, but it’s actually of crucial importance. Much like two vehicles may each have four wheels, a motor, and a steering wheel, yet may be suited to vastly different driving scenarios, metal detectors can be suited to widely varied applications. “Consider what types of things you are looking for,” Smikoski says. “Coin and treasure? Gold?” One detector may be excellent at finding one type of metal but poor for another, and it would be a shame to miss a great find because you were using the wrong hardware.
Unit cost: “Price range is [important] for someone who is unsure if they will like the hobby,” Drayton says. Some metal detectors cost well over a thousand dollars, while others cost many times less than that. While it’s never a good idea to buy a product that’s too cheap and effective for your needs, it’s also best not to overspend, as you can always upgrade later.
Water resistance: Decide if you plan on completely submerging your detector or just putting the coil in the water. Smikoski notes that some metal detectors are safe for use in salt water, while others are best used in fresh. Keep in mind that even if you won’t be conducting underwater searches, a unit rated for such can still be a good idea if you live in an area prone to heavy rains.
Search modes: Many of the best metal detectors can be set to different modes that allow you to search out different types of metals. “Metal detecting has never been easier [for] a novice thanks to preset search modes, taking the controls setting intimidation factor away as you hit the ground running,” Drayton says. Look for models with different mode options if you plan to search for different material types.
Unit weight/size: Using a metal detector can be a great way to get some exercise, but if the metal detector is too heavy or bulky for you to comfortably use, it’s probably not a good choice. Also, consider if you may want to travel with your metal detector. “I often travel to detect, so I need a reliable, lightweight metal detector that can fit in my suitcase,” Drayton says. 

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