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Apple reportedly is blocking M1 Mac users from sideloading iOS apps



Apple has switched off the M1 Mac users’ ability to installing iOS applications unofficially, as per a report by 9to5Mac. While the iOS applications are available in Mac App Store still, several applications like Netflix and Dark Sky do not have the approval from their developer to run on the macOS. Until now, the users used a workaround that let them use 3rd party software for installing the applications sans the need to utilize the Mac App Store. However, it now seems like the tech giant has disabled this feature remotely.

If you try to install any unsupported application on your M1 Mac now that runs on macOS v11.1, you would see an error message that says that the app could not be installed.

Apple’s decision to block unauthorized application installations is not necessarily surprising. A code was discovered in the macOS v11.2 beta that indicated a ban will soon be released and that Apple has allotted its developers the right to block their applications to run on Mac. However, it is sad to know that the feature isn’t available anymore, as the Mac users have so far used it to enjoy freedom on what apps they can run on their M1 Macs.