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7 Healthy Habits All Yogis Should Practice Outside of Class


Sleep is paramount for your health. Poor sleep negatively affects your mental health, concentration, balance, weight, mood, blood pressure and your overall ability to think, speak and act with clarity.

Optimize your sleep by mapping out your evening routine. Start your evening by eating dinner early, ideally by 6 p.m. Then unplug and spend your evening nourishing yourself with self-care or connecting with loved ones. Avoid anything overstimulating that sends your mind into overthinking before bed. Instead of watching Netflix or looking at your phone, go for a walk, play games with your family or take a bath to wind down.

Tidy up your bedroom, make your bed and make sure it is clean and smells good. If it’s a space that feels calm and comforting, you will go to bed earlier, ideally by 9:30 p.m. Notice your sleep sensitivities. If you’re sensitive to light, use blackout blinds. If you tend to get anxious, make a thorough to-do list before you sleep. If you toss and turn, switch to a heavier comforter or weighted blanket. If noise keeps you up and you live in the city, use a white noise app. Set the room temperature down to 67 degrees for deeper sleep. Remove all devices, including your phone, watch, laptop and anything that creates light or noise from your bedroom.

7 Healthy Habits All Yogis Should Practice Outside of Class

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