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12 Free Date Ideas for Frugal Sweethearts


Going on a date doesn’t have to bust your budget. There are plenty of free date ideas you can take advantage of, especially when the whether is nice. Here are 12 free date ideas to consider doing with your sweetheart:

  • Free community concert.
  • Art gallery.
  • Leisurely hike or nature walk.
  • Geocaching.
  • Free DIY class.
  • Movie night in the park.
  • Author reading.
  • Brewery tour.
  • Making meals and memories.
  • Volunteer.
  • Learn how to dance.
  • Community calendar dive.

12 Free Date Ideas for Frugal Sweethearts

Many of these free date ideas are perfect complements for a picnic lunch or dinner. Read on for more information on planning an unforgettable, yet frugal, date.

Sarah Goldberg
Sarah Goldberg

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