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12 Cheap Fourth of July Getaways for 2024

While Vegas hotels can get quite expensive, a city with some 150,000 hotels is bound to have a few affordable options. Around the Fourth of July, you’ll tend to find more reasonably priced choices off the famed Strip (but still close by) or downtown, but some of the casinos (usually older ones) on the Strip do offer cheap rooms.

For the Fourth of July, downtown Las Vegas is a good choice for free events. The Plaza Hotel has splashy fireworks starting at 9 p.m., and while you’ll need to be a hotel guest to get free access to the close-up viewing point, the fireworks show is visible from plenty of vantage points in the city center. On the Strip, Caesars Palace is the one to watch for fireworks from about 8:30 p.m. For something unusual, Viva Vision’s trippy digital fireworks show plays on a giant LED canopy over Fremont Street. There’s usually live music too around the same area.

Outside of the main celebrations, Vegas is an easy place to entertain yourself on the cheap: Many of the Strip’s casinos offer free attractions, from a lush conservatory in the Bellagio to an aquarium at the Silverton to circus acts at Circus Circus. Keep in mind, Vegas in July is extremely hot, with the daily highs typically reaching more than 100 degrees; there’s ample air conditioning indoors, but you may want to plan your time outside carefully.

Where to stay: For the classic Vegas experience with an old-school glitzy vibe, stay at the Fremont Hotel & Casino downtown. It has no-fuss rooms, a rooftop pool and a casino on-site. Guests note that it’s a great value, although sometimes a little noisy, so it may not be ideal for families. On the Strip, Circus Circus has rooms for just under $100 nightly, even around July 4.

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